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Curls, Curls, Curls!

I love curls and I want show you how to love your curls too! With a variety of cuts, treatments, and color services designed to bring out the best in your curls. 

* Curlisto/ Diametrix & Forever curls Academy certified

** All curly cuts will be customized to suit your hair texture & lifestyle

Customize curly cut + diffused style

Shampoo,  Deep Condition, Hot towel , Cut & Diffused Curly. Established guest.

$175 + 

Customized curly cut + blowout

Shampoo, Deep Condition, Hot towel,  Cut & Styled Straight.


curly styling lesson

A lesson in styling your curls. Will include hands on. Does not include cut.


Portrait of a woman with curly red hair
Woman with curly hair

malina ultra mineral boost defrizzing treatment

Reduces curl &  frizz, soften & elongate curls. Not a keratin or straightener. Lasts up  2 months. Adds hydration.  Designed for those wanting to keep their curls.


curly lights

A curl specific freehand  hi-lighting technique for textured/ curly hair. Includes final glaze- tone . Gives overall brightness with zero lines.


Please note Prices will vary depending on hair length & density.

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