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Is your your hair & scalp a little dry? We have some great treatment options for you, just add to any other service. 


A deep treatment that uses micro mist and light therapy to moisturize & repair the hair & scalp.  

$40 Stand alone service 

$25 with color service

K18- hair repair add on w/color

The deepest repair for chemically treated hair. Repairs the innermost structure. Highly recommended with all hi-lights.

$25 with color service 

$45 Stand alone service

intensive brow tinting

Add color/ depth & shape back into your brows. Mild formula specifically for face. Great as an add on to your hair color. 


Tint & Wax $50 

brilliant gloss treatment

Clear gloss treatment that seals the cuticle for a smoother texture, adds maximum shine, UV protection. lasts 4-6 weeks. Great add on to any cut or color, not a toner 

$50 +

smiling woman with curly hair

* stand alone treatments do not include blowout.

Detox & Treat

Pure detox treatment to remove mineral deposits, product build up, medication, & chlorine. Followed with a luxury Nano Mist conditioning treatment. 

$45 as an add-on

$85 as a stand alone service with a blowout

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