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Welcome to your new salon home!

I know that seeing a new stylist isn't always easy. In order to take away some of the stress and confusion I have created this new guest booking experience specifically for you. I hope it will help you navigate through the process  of scheduling your first appointment with me. 

Am I the right stylist for you?

While I love all things hair, I prefer to focus on and specialize in what I do best... natural grey coverage and specialty color/ cutting techniques for curly hair.  If you are looking for natural dimension color to blend grey or need the perfect plan for enhancing your curls, you've come to the right place. Let's get you scheduled today!  

Step 1 

Choose a new guest package

Step 2

If you are unsure of what to book online, please fill out this form.

Step 3

I'll be in touch! See what to expect before and during you visit.

New guest Packages

These packages have been created especially for you in order to help you find exactly what you are looking for. If you don't see what you need, please visit Services

* All prices are base prices. 

We price individually, depending on hair length, density/volume, & time. 

** Additional  charges for extra product /color /time for long/dense hair will vary depending on hair 

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Package 1: Color Retouch & Cut

Grey coverage (regrowth only)  a custom haircut, & blowout.

please select 

"NEW GUEST retouch color & custom cut" when booking online.   


Package 2: Color Retouch & Blowout

Grey coverage (regrowth only)  & blowout.

please select 

"NEW GUEST retouch color & blowout" when booking online.   


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Package 3:  Classic Highlight Half Head

If you need to touch up your hilights on the top & sides. Includes color balance/tone & a blowout. This service leaves domension in the hair. Please select

" NEW GUEST Partial Foil Hi-lights & blowout " when booking online  


Package 4: Classic Highlight Full Head

If you need brightening all over, top, sides & back with a blowout. Includes color balance/tone. This service leaves dimension in the hair. 

Please select

"NEW GUEST Full Foil Hi-light" when booking online $365+

Smiling Woman with Curly Hair

Package 5: New Guest - Embrace My Curls

 1st appointment- If you need to shape your curls with a diffused style. Includes a detox shampoo treatment and conditioner, customized curly cut, product application instruction.

Please select

"NEW GUEST Customized Curly Cut"  


Package 6: Light Up My Curls

If you want to add some dimension & brightness to your curls with a  diffused style. * Does not include cut

Please select

"NEW GUEST Curly Lights"  



What to Expect Before Your Visit

While visiting my salon, I want you to sit back, relax, and enjoy  a beverage  knowing your hair is in good hands. We're here for you and we will follow your lead whether you prefer a quiet service or friendly conversation.  

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Appointment Reminders

You will receive an email and text reminder 4 days  before your scheduled appointment. A confirmation or a reschedule request is required within 48 hours of appointment.   


Salon Amenities

We offer complimentary WIFI, phone/ tablet chargers, water, variety of teas, Nespresso, Cappuccino, a variety of snacks including chocolates, mixed nut & fruit packs, Kind bars, Milano cookies & more. Selection rotates


Silent Appointment

If you are feeling like you want to completely disconnect, ask for a silent appointment. After our consultation you can just relax. If I need any more information, I will ask.



Parking is located at the front or back of building. Please note front parking is marked by city at 90 minutes max. 

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