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Specialty Services

This is What I do Best!

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grey coverage & Blending 

Grey coverage is my number one service requested. I love the challenge of creating a color for you that mimics nature. Whether your goal is to cover your grey or blend and embrace it we will create a plan for you. 


Nobody really has to know, right? Nah....

These services take approximately 1.5-2 hours

curls & more curls

I love curls and I want you to love them too. Let me introduce you to Curlisto!

A Curlisto Diatmetrix curly cut is designed to get those curls poppin! It creates space so your curls can move. A Curlisto Anti-frizz treatment will help control frizz while softening and elongating the curl. 

Make you curls pop even more with Curly Lights. Create an overall brightness to your hair without creating linear hilights, while keeping some depth.


I will help you with THE right product & application so you can finally have the hair you love.. naturally and embrace the curl!

These services will take approx. 2.5 hrs. + depending on hair density and degree of curl.

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Luxury Add-ons

Hair and scalp in need of some love? 

Select an add-on service for extra hydration, repair, or shine

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